Fin du jour (La). Dir. Julien Duvivier (1939)

Nathalie CROUAU

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1. Film data

Fin du jour (La)


English Synopsis

After they retire from the stage, French actors in reduced circumstances can find refuge in a former abbey that has been turned into a retirement home reserved for them. This is where Marny (Victor Francen), a talented classical actor who never found his audience, and Cabrissade (Michel Simon), a failed actor who remained an understudy for his whole career, seem doomed to bicker daily for the remainder of their lives. The arrival of the acclaimed actor and notorious womanizer Saint-Clair (Louis Jouvet) throws the abbey into turmoil. Many years ago, Marny’s wife fell for Saint-Clair’s charm and left him. Some time after that, she died rather suddenly and mysteriously in a hunting accident. Marny’s suspicions and jealousy of Saint-Clair are heightened when the latter starts courting a young girl named Jeannette (Madeleine Ozeray) who works at the local inn. All his worries are confirmed when Saint-Clair convinces Jeannette to kill herself out of love for him. Marny stops her just in time and discovers that Saint-Clair is insane when he starts ranting and raving like Molière’s Dom Juan awaiting the statue of the Commander.


3. Analysis

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