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The site references French films which are either Shakespearean adaptations or contain direct references or implicit allusions to Shakespeare's plays.

Each film reference gathers general film data along with descriptions of how the references or allusions are embedded in the film, as well as quotations from the plays.

Some of the films just refer to a play in passing; others make a more substantial use of the classical material, which interrelates with the film narrative. Some – more rarely – refer to a variety of Shakespeare's plays strung out along the fiction so as to form some sort of intertextual concatenation.

When the film lends itself to a coherent and substantial interpretation, a thorough analysis is provided.

The site offers various access modes. You can either:

-     review a list of the films containing Shakespeare references, and click on any of the items to be directed to the film data
-     enter the site through a list of Shakespeare's plays
-     go to the search form and try any combination of fields
-     get an overview of the analyses available
-     or, finally choose to access the site through the contributors page

How to cite

Ex. Lanier, Douglas M. "L'Homme blanc et l'homme noir: Othello in Les Enfants du paradis." In Shakespeare on Screen in Francophonia (2010-). Ed. Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin and Patricia Dorval. Montpellier (France), University Montpellier III, Institut de Recherche sur la Renaissance, l’Âge Classique et les Lumières (IRCL): 2013. URL: (last modified March 25, 2013).

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