General analysis: Par suite d'un arrêt de travail


General analysis

Par suite d'un arrêt de travail is a road movie in which two opposed characters have to travel together because of a strike. They do not belong to the same background at all: Vincent Disse is an artist, while Marc Roux works in the corporate business. Not unexpectedly, they do not get on well. At this moment in the film, they are lost in the middle of the countryside and on opposite sides of a river. Vincent Disse is looking for a way for Marc Roux to join him. The reference to the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet is meant to be a comic effect. Like Romeo and Juliet, they are separated by an obstacle, the river. For Vincent Disse, in Shakespeare’s play, Romeo joins Juliet by climbing a ladder, and he is imagining Marc Roux crossing the water in the same way, which is all the more comical since they are not a couple and do not appreciate each other.

Contributed by Gaëlle GINESTET

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