Erreur de la banque en votre faveur. Dir. Gérard Bitton, Michel Munz (2009)

Nathalie CROUAU

Reference (explicit)

1. Film data

Erreur de la banque en votre faveur


English Synopsis

Julien Foucault (Gérard Lanvin) has always dreamed of opening a restaurant with his best friend, Étienne (Jean-Pierre Darroussin), a chef. Though he has worked as a manager for a prestigious Parisian bank, Berthin-Schwartz, for seventeen years, the bank refuses him the loan he needs to get his business off the ground. However, thanks to an overheard conversation, he learns that it is possible to manipulate stocks in one’s own favor. He uses this information to earn the money he and Étienne need to open their restaurant, then begins to help his entire neighbourhood.


3. Analysis

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