General analysis: Monsieur Ripois

André Ripois is a Frenchman, living in London, who cannot refrain from trying to conquer all the women who cross his path. For instance, he lives for one year with his superior at work. When he is reduced to sleeping on the streets, he takes a French prostitute as his lover. He sometimes chooses his preys among young women from respectable families. Norah is one of them. When André suggests they go to his flat to shelter from the rain, she refuses, adding “What would my mother say?” Although André knows that making her his lover will be difficult, he seems to be incensed by the challenge. When he goes too far, by overturning her in his sofa, she is indignant and breaks up their relationship for good. André understands that the challenge is lost. As he is very disappointed, he compares her with a nun, and the lines from Hamlet “Get thee to a nunnery,” or “To a nunnery go” spring to his mind.

Contributed by Gaëlle GINESTET

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