Douglas M. LANIER

Douglas M. LANIER


Douglas Lanier is Professor of English and Director of the London Program at the University of New Hampshire.

His published work on early modern British writing includes articles on Shakespeare, Jonson, Marston, Middleton, and the Jacobean masque. He has also written widely about contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare, including articles on Shakespeare adaptation in film, television, audio performance, radio, comic books, and advertising.

His book Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture (OUP) appeared in 2002; his articles have appeared in many journals as well as Spectacular Shakespeare, The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Popular Culture, The Cambridge Companion to Literature and Film, The Blackwell Companion to Shakespeare in Performance, and Shakespeares after Shakespeare.

He currently serves as a trustee of the Shakespeare Association of America and on the editorial board of the journals Shakespeare and Adaptation. He is currently completing a book-length study of screen adaptations of Othello, both faithful and free, and an edition of Timon of Athens.



1/ Shakespeare on Screen / in Performance

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2/ Other publications

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Contributions to Shakespeare on Screen in Francophonia

"Nouveau Noir: Claude Chabrol's Ophélia, Shakespeare's Hamlet, and the Nouvelle Vague" (2012) [2011]

"L'Homme blanc et l'homme noir: Othello in Les Enfants du Paradis" (2013)

"Love in the Ruins: Les Amants de Vérone and “Authentic” Shakespeare Adaptation" (2016)

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