Disparus de Saint-Agil (Les). Dir. Christian-Jaque (1938)

Nathalie CROUAU

Reference (explicit)

1. Film data

Disparus de Saint-Agil (Les)



Just before WWII, in Saint-Agil, a boarding school for boys, three pupils, Sorgue, Baume and Macroix, have founded a secret society called “Chiche-Capon”. Every week, after the teachers have fallen asleep, they steal into the science lab to discuss their project to escape together to America. One night, after the others have gone back to bed, Sorgue sees a mysterious man appear in the classroom, seemingly out of nowhere. But the next day, when he tries to inform his two friends of what he has seen, they just laugh at him and tell him he must have imagined it all. On that same day, Sorgue vanishes without a trace. When Macroix also goes missing a few days later, every pupil in the school becomes afraid lest he should the next and the teachers themselves begin to wonder at those unaccountable disappearances.

3. Analysis

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