Appartement (L'). Dir. Gilles Mimouni (1996)

Nathalie CROUAU

Reference (explicit), Allusion (implicit)

1. Film data


English synopsis

Max and Lisa fell in love a few years ago and had a love affair, but one day Lisa left Max without a word of explanation. A few years later, he is engaged to Muriel but drops everything when he believes he recognizes Lisa’s voice from behind a wall in a restaurant. For four days, he tries to track her down but never manages to catch up with her. He falls prey to the manipulations of Lisa’s best friend, Alice, who is herself in love with Max and was the cause of their estrangement, a few years ago, when Lisa left her a note for Max which she did not convey. After temporarily falling for Alice’s tricks, Max discovers the truth and goes back to Muriel. Lisa comes back to her apartment where she is killed by her jealous lover, Daniel.

3. Analysis

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