Contes des quatre saisons : Conte d'hiver. Dir. Éric Rohmer (1992)

Patricia DORVAL

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1. Film data

Contes des quatre saisons : Conte d'hiver


English Synopsis

Félicie (Charlotte Véry) and Charles (Frédéric van den Driessche) share a whirlwind holiday romance. As they part at the train station and Félicie gets on the train that will take her back to Paris, she gives Charles her address but makes a mistake and writes Courbevoie instead of Levallois. The film flashes forward five years, and the viewer discovers that Félicie has become the mother of a little girl, Elise, born from her romance with Charles. Although she cannot shake the memory of Charles and is convinced that someday they will meet again, she is seeing two men: the hairdresser Maxence (Michel Voletti) and the intellectual Loïc (Hervé Furic). She soon breaks up with both and resolves that she won’t share her life with a man with whom she is not madly in love. A few days later, as Félicie and Elise take a seat on a bus, she spots Charles sitting opposite them with a young woman. He immediately confronts her for not having told him right away that she did not want to see him again. Félicie explains the foolish mistake she made five years earlier. She is so upset that she hurries off the bus with her daughter without saying a word. Charles catches up with her and explains that the young woman is just a friend. He learns that Elise is his daughter. They go to Félicie’s mother’s to celebrate New Year’s Eve and decide to spend the rest of their lives together.


Résumé en français

Félicie (Charlotte Véry) et Charles (Frédéric van den Driessche) connaissent une aventure amoureuse passionnée au cours d'un été ; au moment de rentrer chez eux, la jeune femme donne son adresse à son ami mais commet un lapsus, indiquant Courbevoie au lieu de Levallois. Le film nous propulse cinq années plus tard. Félicie est mère d'une petite fille, Elise, née de sa relation éphémère avec Charles. Bien qu'elle voue un amour inconditionnel à cet homme, la jeune femme partage sa vie amoureuse entre Loïc (Hervé Furic), un intellectuel, et Maxence (Michel Voletti), coiffeur. Bientôt, elle les quitte tous deux, décrétant qu'elle ne peut vivre avec un homme qu'elle n'aime pas à la folie. Quelques jours plus tard, Félicie prend place avec Elise dans un bus et découvre avec stupeur, assis en face d'elle, Charles accompagné d'une jeune femme…


3. Analysis

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